Clear water

Clear water refers to all water used in the supply of drinking water. Here are some of the clear water projects Feljas & Masson has worked on:

  • Borewells;
  • Drinking water treatment plants;
  • Pumping and pressure-boosting of drinking water;
  • Storage tanks and water towers.

Water abstracted from the natural environment (from borewells, a river or, more rarely, the sea) is piped to a treatment plant. Treatment can be mechanical (screening, sand filtration, reverse osmosis, etc.), chemical (chlorination, ozonization, etc.), physicochemical (coagulation / flocculation, etc.), photochemical (UV radiation), biological (denitrification, etc.) or a combination of several of these processes.

The treatment process used will depend on the quality of the water collected (hardness, presence of iron/manganese, bacteria or suspended matter, etc.).

If the water supply must be transported a long way and/or must be stored for a long time, contingency treatment, such as disinfection, can be carried out intermittently and at selected points.

FELJAS & MASSON's expertise covers the complete drinking water supply cycle, from collection, then treatment through to the distribution network.

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